Gurunaam Singh
Gurnaam Singh is a very respected and successful A farmer in Punjab with a lovely family comprising of his lovely wife Preeto and his daughters. He is a devout father who loves his daughters very much. He is highly respected in society for his principles and he values truth and integrity. He is very god fearing and believes that "Wahe Guru" will take care of everything. He is protective of his family and extended family and friends and tries always to do the right thing and help others. He is exceptionally close to his blind elder daughter Simran who he is very protective of. He is a very calm and gentle man.
A beautiful cultured Punjabi girl., Simran She is the main protagonist. She is very kind, caring and loving person. She is the eldest among her siblings. She is a very good singer and amazing cook, despite being blind. Simran has grown up dreaming about Samarjeet, her childhood friend, as her bridegroom. With time, her dream started fading. She realized that no one wants to marry her due to her handicap. However it never limited her from living a productive and happy life. But Samar loves her unconditionally… her only dream is to get married to Samar; but her only hurdle is her fate which never lets them meet. Or will they..?
Samarjeet or Samar is mute but speaks volumes with his emotions. He is the elder son of Gurnaam ‘s best friend, Manjeet, a rich NRI settled in Canada. He is well educated and very capable and yet he is a simple and humble person. He is completely devoted to Simran whom he has loved since childhood and hopes to marry someday soon. He is also very doting of his parents and younger brother Goldy. He is very ambitious and would like to build industries in Punjab. However, all going well, why are there still hurdles in his path to happiness? Who is his friend and who are his enemies ?
Lakhvindar Singh “Lakha”
He is a complex, funny vagabond who lives under Gurnaam Singh’s shadow. He wants to get rich fast and has personal vendetta against Gurnaam and therefore targets Gurnaam’s family. He has evil designs to take over Gurunaam’s property and to marry Simran. He is a dubious character who pretends to be well wisher of the family while he schemes and plots their downfall. Upcoming episodes will reveal the true extent of his vicious scheming. He manages to dodge the police but how far will he go to succeed in destroying this happy family or will he destroy himself ?
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